"There are infinite shadings of light and shadows and colors...It's an extraordinarily subtle language.  Figuring out how to speak that languages is a lifetime job."
Conrad Hall


Jeffrey was born and raised in Taiwan. At age 13, Jeffrey discovered photography.  Equipped with his Nikon FM2, inherited from his father, Jeffrey started his guerrilla photography on the street in the most agitated period of civil movement in Taiwan during the ‘80s. 

Jeffrey began his career in San Francisco, Bay Area, where he studies cinema at San Francisco State and started shooting indie short films around the bay.   Jeffrey collaborated with Bay Area based Hotbed Media on a variety of projects, including a documentary feature, Confessions of a Burning Man, and his narrative debut, Happily, Even After, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. 

In 2006, Jeffrey left New York to start anew in Shanghai, where he continues his pursue of filmmaking.  With ten years of living in Shanghai, his work spans a wide array of projects from his most recent movie, the commercially successful Suddenly Seventeen to the award-winning art film Falling City at Montreal Film Festival and Jeffrey also received a cinematography award at the 7th annual Chinese Young Generation Film Forum in Beijing.